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Ok moms, how many times have you run into another mom with kids and you want to set up a playdate, only finding a pen, paper, and the time to write out all your information is a complete burden. Well, I have a very easy and adorable solution for you; the mommy card. I recently handed out one of my mommy cards to a friend, and was surprised that she had never seen one before. I have been offering them on my site going on two years, but I’m not sure everyone knows what they are, so let me take a minute to explain them a little more in detail. A mommy card is essentially a business card for moms. Being a mom is a tough job and we deserve our very own “business” cards to hand out to other business associates (aka, other moms). The card features photos of your children with your name and their names, along with your personal information, such as your home phone, cell phone and email address. They are perfect for handing out to your girlfriends or other moms so that they have all your info in one place. They are also great to give to the professionals in our lives that deal with us on a regular basis such as daycare providers, pediatricians, babysitters etc.

To view our line of mommy cards, simply click on one of the images below to view all of the designs we have to offer. Have a question? Please feel free to email me.

espresso boy - front espresso boy - back

espresso girl - front espresso girl - back

espresso boy - front espresso boy - back

espresso girl - front espresso girl - back


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